It rained last night

January — Changing energies, new beginnings, new attitudes (Photo by Falguni Bhat)

January rain is not a Mumbai thing, I looked up at the sky with the clouds hanging low. Weeping gently and wetting the roads below. In the still of the night it felt like God was trying to wash away the dark memories of 2020.

Washing away the pain of friends we lost in the fight with Covid. Eight days is all it took to take away a healthy young man with no underlying issues. Just a broken shoulder and he was gone. Unexpectedly. Unbelievably.

Washing away the opportunities lost. The exams postponed. The projects delayed. The exodus of urban to rural and back to urban again. It’s been a challenging year for every profession, every professional.

The cancelled travel plans, the broken resolutions, the huge pause in chasing the goals set for the year. That feeling of losing total control of our life. The feeling of standing still wondering how am I ever going to move forward again. Can the rain really wash it all away?

Yet there have been sweet moments when we admired the squabbling sparrows on our window. Days when the chirping of birds was so much louder than the sound of traffic. That never happens in Mumbai but in 2020 it did. The City that never sleeps, just stopped. Paused, and let nature heal.

The most unexpected thing about 2020 was perhaps all the weddings. A nephew, I thought would be single for a long long time, found his forever person in this pandemic. Life is a string of strange coincidences! The world was burning and there were people saying ‘I do’. War or peace, pandemic or no pandemic, love finds a way.

I don’t have any expectations from 2021. It’s the one thing 2020 has taught me good and hard. Expect the unexpected. January rain drizzled on as I oscillated between celebrating the small things of last year and mourning for the year that I wanted 2020 to be.

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