Melancholic March

‘March 2020 — The month the world stopped’

It started innocently enough. Wuhan was locked down and I was confident it would end there. Life for us continued. Exams, work, holiday, March 2020 was supposed to be a normal month.

It began with the screenings at the airports, graduated to travel bans to some countries, then the lockdown and then the world literally stopped. Stopped traveling, stopped going out, stopped living. It’s Day 8 of the lockdown. We’re still recovering from the shock that this has really happened.

Much of the last month has been about pushing away thoughts that the world over lives have been disrupted for weeks, that millions might die before this is over, that none of us can truly fathom the economic implications. Our global mindset has suddenly changed to all of us closing our borders. Each country protecting its own, in its own way.

Malls closed, restaurants closed, airports closed, only the essentials operating. Work from home is not possible for many businesses. Projects postponed, stock markets crashed, hospitals overwhelmed. Pandemic and panic have wreaked havoc.

It’s been a scary month, a lonely month. Creating a routine has helped, even if part of the routine has been ‘watch TV’.

March 2020 has finally ended. May April be more cheerful.




A nomad with many more journeys

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Falguni Bhat

Falguni Bhat

A nomad with many more journeys

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